Sunflower House Malacca

25 units of double storey house. This holiday house is fully furnished with 4 large bedrooms which can accommodate 8 persons comfortably.

The modern interior design and spacious living and dining hall together with a simple kitchen will provide you a better staying experience. It is ideal for families on vacation in Malacca or travellers in small groups or groups more than 150 guests. It is also suitable for people who need spacious accommodation for special occasions.

Within minutes of drive, you can reach most of the tourist attraction spots, shopping complexes, major business center and famous eateries that serve authentic food like the “Nyonya” dishes, chicken rice balls, “satay celup” and ancient shops hawking their heirlooms and antiques that can be found only in Malacca. Make your vacation worthwhile, Rent a house, explore the quaint Malacca and enjoy the sights of this newly awarded world heritage city.